Blues, Booze & Oldtimey Soul


Blues, Booze & Oldtimey Soul

Willoughby’s piano has the most soulful, blues-drenched swing I’ve ever heard. And his singing matches—a gravelly, boozey voice right smack between Tom Waits and Dr. John. Oldtimey swing, ’50s Memphis soul and Chicago blues: Bob turns all that into a magic brew on songs like “Who Will The Next Fool Be,” “Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You,” and a devastating “Cottage For Sale”. A Sheryl Crow-style background singer, a prize-winning swing fiddler and a snare-and-brushes master round out the prohibition watering hole atmosphere. (#06452)

Bob Willoughby, piano/vocals
Kevin Wimmer, fiddle
Paul Murphy, drums
Amy Sarli, vocals



Sugar Babe (B.Center) - listen to full song
Goin' To Chicago (W.C.Basie/J.A.Rushing) - listen to sample
Laughing On The Outside (B.Raleigh/B.Wayne)
The Dark End Of The Street (L.W.Moman/W.D.Pennington)
Sometimes I'm Happy (I.Caesar/C.Grey/V.Youmans)
Cottage For Sale (L.Conley/W.Robison) - listen to sample
If I Could Be With You (H.Creamer/J.P.Johnson)
Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You? (A.Razaf/D.Redman)
A Hundred Years From Today (N.Washington/J.Young/V.P.Young)
Blue And Sentimental (W.C.Basie/M.David/J.Livingston)
Careless Love (traditional)
Who Will Your Next Fool Be? (W.L.McEwen)
I Wanna Go Home (J.Joyce)



Bound for Sound:
reviewed by Martin DeWolfe

And for something completely different, the following recording has to be one of the most natural sounding ever made. Leave it to Pierre Sprey of Mapleshade to capture the human voice and its accompanying instruments in a more organic and natural way than ever before. Pierre's latest assault on the recording art, and voyage into the land where no other recording engineer has ever gone, has arrived in the form of Bob Willoughby's "blues, booze & oldtimey soul." Start with James Carr's, At the Dark End of the Street. It'll have you wanting to serve Bob Willoughby and Amy Sarli drinks and finger food-the boy and girl have come over for a spell, or so it seems when track 4 is played. In all my CDs and needle discs, none have a more intimate expression of the human voice. You are the microphone, you are in the studio, what else can you want? Other songs include Sugar Babe, A Hundred Years From Today, and Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You? Singer, Willoughby ads his own inflection and tenor that says something a little different from interpretations of the past. He sounds deep and willowy, but then again, Willoughby is a blue eyed, lanky white guy who sounds as black as Muddy Waters, and as relaxed as John Lee Hooker. This is one interesting dude. "Blues, booze & oldtimey soul" is a recording of reference quality that goes into my "Hall of Fame" with other recordings of Exceptional Merit such as Clapton's "Unplugged", and Red Norvo's "Forward Look." This is an instant classic for the audiophile and non-audiophile alike. Bound for Sound: reviewed by Martin DeWolfe