Since 2003 she has been living, performing, and composing in New York City. Her String Quartet No.1 was performed by the Saint Petersburg String Quartet on their U.S. concert tour. In 2005 her Quartet was performed at the Music Mountain Summer Festival and was broadcast nationally, receiving glowing reviews in the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post . The Saint Petersburg Quartet is now preparing Nataliya's String Quartet No.2 for performance and recording. In 2004 Nataliya composed and recorded the soundtrack for the American film I Will Avenge You, Iago! She won second prize in the composition category at the International Competition "Golden Channukia" (2005, Berlin). At the 2006 International Clarinet Convention in Atlanta she presented in concert her commissioned five-movement suite for clarinet and piano, "Pantomimes." She has just finished another commissioned suite for two guitars and clarinet.

Nataliya performed as an ensemblist at Carnegie's Weill Recital Hall in 2005 and again in 2006. In summer 2006 she gave a solo piano concert, an all-Mozart program, at the New York Public Library. Recently, as piano soloist she performed new music at the New York Composer's Circle Concert, to critical acclaim. She is now recording for Mapleshade a solo piano CD of the Mozart program, as well as a second CD of her own compositions.


Rachmaninov, The Impassioned Songwriter (#11982)