Bob Kindred’s uniquely expressive blowing traverses with ease the history of the tenor sax: early swing, Ellington and Basie, cool jazz, Miles and ‘Trane. At 29, Bob was running a business with 30 people. Dropping in on a Phil Woods set rekindled his teenage passion for the sax, a love he put aside in college. He bought a horn, shredded like a maniac, unloaded his business and started rising meteorically in Philly’s vibrant organ trio scene.

Within a year and a half, he was earning his Ph. D in soul jazz and the blues, touring with the giants of the Hammond organ: Richard “Groove” Holmes, Charles Earland, Jimmy McGriff. From there he joined the Glen Miller Band, learning the fine art of the saving band solo from Buddy DeFranco. Then, as star soloist with Woody Herman for a coulpe of years, he earned his bebop spurs. Hitting the Apple by the early ‘80s, Bob’s Philly soulfulness quickly moved him to the top ranks playing and recording with the greats of three eras: Hank Jones, Clark Terry, Roy Eldridge, Toots Thielsemans and Mel Lewis. Two decades in this cauldron turned him into a giant, little-known but ready to emerge.


Gentle Giant of the Tenor Sax (#09032)