Songs Of Love And Death


Songs of Love and Death

I wanted to make our first classical release more than just memorable. So I picked this jewel-like cycle of lieder by an American composer of genius. Imbuing the timeless lyrics with subtle passion is an amazing young mezzo with a full contralto range. She’s accompanied by a rich-sounding winds-and-strings chamber ensemble. The hall acoustic (Sanders Theater, a Boston Symphony venue in the early 1900s) was so perfect I needed only two mikes to capture all the intricately blended beauty of voice, strings, clarinets, oboes and gorgeous ambience. (#06892)

Heather Craw, mezzo soprano
Douglas Allanbrook, piano

Cambridge Contemporary Chamber Ensemble:
John Allanbrook, conductor
Adda Kridler, violin
Paula Levy, violin
Sara Darling, viola
Kate Bennett, cello
Jonathan Russell, clarinet
Ari Lipman, clarinet
Emily Wei, oboe



1-3 Songs of Love and Death
mezzo soprano, string quartet and winds
Who Is Sylvia (Shakespeare) - Listen to Full Song
Who Killed Cock-Robin? (traditional) - Listen to Sample
If I can have it when I'm dead (Dickinson)
4-8 Five New American Preludes
9,10 Two Chinese Songs (translated by A. Waley)
mezzo soprano, piano
Soldier Song - Listen to Sample
A Moon Rising White
11,12 Venice and Naples Music
13-15 In Morte di Madonna Laura:3 Petrarch Sonnets
mezzo soprano, piano
16 Les Hirondelles (Ronsard)
mezzo soprano, piano